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In today’s world, the first thing which comes in every individual's life is Stress. Most of the people are not even aware that they are facing some or the other means of stress which is causing adverse effects not only on them but also on nature & creation as well.

90% of the diseases are caused by stress & almost 80% of the total world’s population is stressed. As a result there are so many disorders in the world –

which can be categorized at multiple levels – Primarily at individual, social, national & global level - secondary at mental, physical, emotional & behavioural level. Human science helps in eradicating all types of stress very efficiently with our reformation technique.

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Stress elimination courses of Human Science are sessions in which scientifically devised technique is practiced under the guidance of trained Human Science experts and it eliminates 40-60% of stress in just one go. Incur life – changing experiences through the reformation technique, stage drama, laughter shows & much more.

These courses are available under various membership programs starting from just Rs.300 that involves an entertaining kick start with stage drama, music, technique practice & interactive session with human science experts.

Join in to be engulfed by the never like before extravaganza and fun based learning.

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