Human Science


Ranveer Singh Chandela
{ Founder & Inventor }

Human Science was founded by Mr. Ranveer Singh Chandela in 2015. This invention was a result of a dedicated and thorough research of almost 10 years. Mr. Ranveer had always been a curious and inquisitive personality since childhood. He was always interested in knowing and exploring the concept of life, rather than normal worldly affairs.

Quest and Research – His quest to understand and unfold the mysteries of Life started in year 2006. He was involved in a thorough research spanning different spheres of life.

Year 2006 to 2009 – Spiritual Research

An initial research was started in the year 2006. In the course of it, Ranveer met almost every spiritual leader to understand and unfold the mystery of life. He gathered information about various concepts in practice and propagation which were dealing with the true meaning of life. This quest comprised of varied thought process and beliefs of many spiritual gurus. As a result, Ranveer spent considerable amount of time interacting with them trying to find out the answers to his quest. However, no scientific base or technology was derived as an answer to deal with various issues in life.

Year 2009 to 2011 – Scientific Research

When Ranveer did not get the desired result from his spiritual research, he moved towards the scientific approach. He initially started with blurred thoughts in mind and gradually started working on some scientific theories. However, the results were not definite and warranted more research. Essentially, the practical element in this research, i.e. the technique, was missing. As a result, more investigation was needed in this regard.

Year 2011 to 2012 – Observation

Ranveer got his answers during the Observation phase when he observed the various phases of human life – that of infants, adults and old people. The derived observations were that a human being is losing the attributes and positives in his nature as the Self comes in contact with the outer world, leaning more towards the lower level of consciousness (sad, bad, low, negative, inappropriate & impure tendencies). It was observed that a person's mind was more indulgent in negative thoughts as he growing up and he was losing his original self with which he was created. As a result, more miseries and unrest were being created in everyone's lives.

Year 2012 to 2015 – Establishment

With discontentment coming Ranveer's way and with no definite answer to his questions concerning Life, he started working more on his own in this regard. A thorough research was undertaken with a scientific bent of mind to build an altogether new perspective. As a result of the research, the derivations included what exactly is the essence of life. As an aftermath, the question was how to share the answers and solutions to the entire world. With this perspective in mind, Human Science was established in 2015 to spread the awareness, knowledge, and the real beauty of life.