Human Science


Who we are and What we do

  What is Human Science?

Ans. Human Science is the world’s first technically approachable, experts based organization to study and resolve varied human life miseries.

  What are the aims and objectives of Human Science?

Ans. Our objective is to create a stress free world and we work towards upliftment of human existence . In this organization, the in-depth technical knowledge of Human existence is devoted to permanently eliminate all kind of stress (mental, physical, emotional, and intellectual) and negative tendencies from all the social establishments.

  How Human Science functions?

Ans. Human Science is involved in offering large scale stress-elimination programs and is devoted to make lives better.

  How does Human Science carry out these aims?

Ans. By conducting large scale public courses and special workshops at the Human science centre and at various outer venues.

  How does Human Science technique work?

Ans. It works exactly like an anti-virus, charger and modem on all we Human Beings.

  Are there any precautions required before practicing the technique?

Ans. Yes, a person having serious medical history or critical level of asthma should consult Human Science instructors before he/she starts practicing. Generally it is advisable to not to practice this technique before or after 2 hrs of heavy meal.

  Are children allowed to participate?

Ans. Yes, above the age of 7 yrs.

  Can a pregnant woman practice Human Science technique?

Ans.Yes, after 1 month of conceiving and with proper consultation with Human Science instructors and doctors.

  Who all can participate in the course and programs?

Ans. Anybody can participate.

  How does Human Science view religion?

Ans. Every religion is like a flower but of different species.

  Is there a dress code?

Ans. No, only loose and comfortable clothes are advisable, because a comfortable body allows the mind to be with the rhythm and our sitting demands a very comfortable clothing .

  How are instructors appointed?

Ans. Human Science instructors’ undergo professional and technical training for almost 8-10 years before being officially appointed as a human science instructor.

  I’m interested in finding out more, what should I do?

Ans. Join Human Science and be a long term volunteer.

  How can I apply for Instructor / Trainer / Franchise?

Ans. Please contact at

  Are Human Science courses and programs offered free of cost?

Ans. Yes, for children below the age of 7 years , senior citizen above 60 years , Government schools, armed forces, prisoners and underprivileged sections.

  How is the organization funded?

Ans. Initially, the funding came from the founder itself and later we developed the modes of generating revenues by charging people those who can afford. T & C apply)

  How is Human Science different from other programs?

Ans. Human Science is beyond Spiritualism, Guruism, False beliefs, Philosophy, Opinions, Guidance and Thinking. Human Science approach is through technical knowledge.

  Why Human Science?

Ans. We all know that almost every individual is prone to stress and 90% diseases or any other sad, bad, low, negative , inappropriate tendencies are because of stress and only Human Science can eliminate all kinds of stress , To bring our mind, body, emotions and intellect into one balanced state by removing Stress and all negative tendencies.